Monday, December 24, 2007

My Trades on 19,20,21 December 2007

I have not been doing well on these 3 days.
Here are some of my trades:-

Trades on 19 December 2007

Name of the Company: Circuit City Stores Inc.
Symbol: (NYSE: CC)
Sector: Services
Industry: Retail (Technology)
Position: Short
Status: Failed

My entry point as below:-
Short Circuit City Stores ChartCC has been a weak stock for some time and it opened lower on 19 Dec compare with the previous day. After market opened for about 5 minutes, I shorted the stock. I earned some money in the beginning but after about 8 minutes, the stock just rally up in front of my face and I was hurt and got out from CC.
This has taught me not to enter a position once the market opens, I should have waited for at least 15 minutes before entering a position.

Name of the Company: Amdocs Ltd
Symbol: (NYSE: DOX)
Sector: Technology
Industry: Software & Programming
Position: Long
Status: Failed

Short Amdocs Ltd ChartReason: It was upgraded to BUY on that day.
After I got out from CC, I found this stock kept on hitting my HIGH filter. I entered the long position for this stock and it went on my way and then I sized in and put a stop to secure some profit.
After a while, it triggered my STOP but I got a Bad print as there was a spread between BID and ASK and I lose money in this trade.

Trades on 20,21 December 2007
My trades on 20 and 21 were not too bad compare with 19. But still, I lose money on these 2 days.

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