Sunday, March 2, 2008

Continue to blog

I have stopped to blog for about 2 months. For your information, I am working in 2 jobs at the moment and I am in the transition to become a full time Equity trader and resign from another job. I am expecting to become a full time Equity Trader on April 08. Starting from April 08 onward, I believe that I will have more time and I would continue to blog and provide some educational information to my blog readers.

In the last 2 months, the market has been very volatile and many unexpected things happened. Just to update a little on what happened on the past 2 month. I was so damn wrong in my last port that Malaysia market will drop the next day after Dow Jones dropped 356.54 points(1.96%). Malaysia market was strong on that week because of the General Election has been heated up and almost all shares of the Government Linked companies are rocketing. There was a rumor that it was additionally helped from the foreign fund.

Apple share has been killed when the performance of Steve Jobs in Macworld 2008 was not live up to the expectation of the investors.

There was a global financial market sold off on 21 January 2008 , following by the 75 basis points emergency rate cut by the Federal Reserve which has cool down the sold off. If was my first time watching Dow Jones down for more than 400 points and slowly climbing up to -150. It was a crazy indeed! Thanks to the emergency rate cut which helped to prevent panic selling.

Managing Director of Gamuda Berhad (a public listed construction Campany in Malaysia), Datuk Lin Yun Ling reduced his stake from 5.2% to 1.7% which caused a sold off by other investors for Gamuda shares. The share price dropped to RM 3.2 which was dropping about 35% before the sold off. The share is slowly recovering after Datuk Lin clarified in a press conference that he remained very optimistic about Gamuda's prospect and he will serve for the company at least another 5 years. Gamuda Sold Off
I will try to blog on best effort basis on the month of March. I am looking forward to update my blog daily on the month of April.