Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Trades on 24 December 2007

Name of the Company: Delta Airlines Inc.
Symbol: DAL(NYSE)
Sector: Transportation
Industry: Airline
Position: Long
Status: Success!

Long DELTA AIR LINES ChartReason: Dow was strong, Airline Index was positive, most airlines were hitting High.

The market opened strong on 24 Dec but I expected it would be a low volume market as it was Christmas Eve. I Longed DAL because I think that DAL had more rooms to go up comparing with other Airlines like CAL and AMR which have already made a major move. I was right and I sized in 2 times(shown in chart) and put a tight STOP to secure my profit.

This was just another of my decent positive day, nothing big towards the end of the half day Trading. Stock market closed at 1 pm.

*Please be informed that all the charts above are extracted from http://finance.yahoo.com/charts

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