Sunday, April 20, 2008

What does weekend mean to you?

How do you spend your weekend? Weekend is a time for most people to rest, relax and have more time with family members. This weekend, I have wasted my time on computer games and movies. In this world, there are only 3% of people who are very successful. They use their weekend differently. They work harder in weekend compare with weekdays, so that they can plan well for the week to come. The only time they rest/relax is the time they close their eyes to sleep. They are so motivated that they can't wait to wake up on the next day so that they can continue what they were doing yesterday, even it is on weekend.

I tell myself, if I want to join the top 3% most successful people of the world, I must follow what they are doing. The followings are the things that I MUST do for the next weekend.

I MUST do the followings 5 things on the next weekends:-
Weekend is the time for me to review what I have done right and wrong for the passed week.
Weekend is the time for me to reward myself or punish myself.
Weekend is the time for me to plan for next week.
Weekend is the time for me to do more self study on investment, trading, charting, technical analysis to improve on my trades.
Weekend is the time for me to work out, so that I will always have a strong and healthy body.

Let me test out the things I need to do on the next weekend and I will slowly add more weekend tasks so that I will be on the right track to join the Top 3% Most Successful People Club.

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