Sunday, April 27, 2008

Profit from Apple Call Options, Look at That!

Profit from Apple Call Options
I have bought Apple Call Options when Apple was almost at the Bottom. At one time, I was losing more than $10k and now I have paper profit of $22k! With this money, I can buy a few IPhones and also may be change my current Dell Laptop to a MacBook Air! I also have bought 100 Apple Mother shares at the $128.54 an Now I have paper profit of $4,119.
Apple (AAPL) $4k Profits
I think that Apple could go higher. I will feel comfortable as long as it is trading above $160 and $150. If it is really come down below $160, I think I might take half of the profit and let the other half goes. Now, the resistance is at $170, I hope next week it could break it convincingly.

How I wish that the above trades are real money. :-)

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