Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have paper Profit of more than $30k from Apple and Apple Call Options!

Apple (AAPL) close price on April 29, 2008

Apple was up $5 in 2 days and I have paper profit of more than $30k! This is amazing! I guess Apple will stay above $170 for a while. I will not take any chance, if Apple comes down below $170, I will take half of the profit. I might put a sell stop at $169.90 for 50% of my Apple shares.

Profit from Apple Mother shares: 36.18% or $4651.00
Apple Profit on April 29, 2008

Total Profit from Apple Call Options: 156.47% or $29,025.00
Profits from Apple Options on April 29, 2008

Apple is trading comfortably above Support of $170 right now. It will stay at the price level as long as there is no bad news from the company or any so-called analysts downgrade the stock with stupid reasons. In my opinion, it will trading upward all the way to $200 again before the end of this year. Let's see if I am right.

Well again, I really hope that the above trades are in real money.

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