Saturday, December 1, 2007

How I come to this point of life?

Poor Family
I was born in a poor family. My parents were hawkers then and we were living in a rented house. The only transportation that we had at that time was a motorcycle. The life has not been easy and I remembered that my mother always had tears in her eyes due to uncertainty of future. Sometimes, during rainy session, there were less customers and our life became tougher. Still, my parents tried to give us( my 2 elder sisters, my elder brother and me) the best food they could provide but they themselves barely ate anything because they wanted to save some money.

Mathematic Lesson
I learned my first lesson of mathematic from my parents' fruits and juice stall. I was about 3/4 years old at that time and I was my parents' best helper. Sometime, I helped to take care of the stall alone and I could remember the prices of the food and knew how to count and to give the exact change back to the customers. Nothing could be better for a 3 years old kid to learn this real life "Practical Mathematics Lesson".

Things that I learned
Actually later in life, my experience going through a tough life gave me a lot of advantages comparing with my peers . My thinking has been more mature as I know the feeling for being in a poor family. Unnecessary spending is a no no to me. I possess the spirit of Working hard and determination from my parents. And of course, I also learned my first Mathematic Lesson. :-)

Some Small Achievements in the past
I have won a few Mathematic Awards(school level) during primary school and have been selected to compete in state level(never win any prize though). I was a straight A students for all Mathematics subjects during secondary school and University. I work my butt off when I was in university and I was placed into the Dean's list every semester. After graduated, I was offered to convert my university loan to scholarship. During my University's convocation, I was awarded a Gold Medal Award and a Book Award. These few small achievements helped me to give me some motivations to move on my life. Now, I am looking forward to achieve something in the Investment Industry.

To Wrap Up
My parents have gone through a tough life since they were young because their family were poor and they did not have chance to exposure to higher education. Therefore, they always advised us to study hard for a better future. I personally believe that education is very important to secure a good pay job. But education does not teach us how to earn and live a comfortable life (in other word: Financial Freedom). Many people might have very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) or EQ (Emotional Quotient) but not FQ (Financial Quotient). [Blog about FQ is coming soon]

People who has high level of education(IQ) normally only live pay check to pay check. They only know how to work hard for money and do not know how to make money work for them. Most of the money they earn are used to pay debt, while they should have pay themselves first.

I believe that learning how to diversify your incomes, minimize your living cost and invest your money are some important skills that you would ever need to learn in your live if you want to become Financial Freedom. I hope that this blog will give some people a good starting point in learning how to become Financial Freedom. Please enjoy my blog and please feel free to give me comments so that I can further improve on my blog. Thanks.

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