Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Trades on 18 December 2007

Today the DOW JONES opened positively and it just took a while to rally up and stayed between +50 to +80 level before 12 pm. I was looking for a strong stock to Long and I found DIS.

My best trade for today was

Name of the Company: Disney (Walt) Co
Symbol: (NYSE: DIS)
Sector: Services
Industry: Broadcasting & Cable TV
Position: Long
Status: Success!

Long Disney (Walt) ChartReason: It has been mentioned positively in Barron and it is upgraded by UBS to BUY.

I Long the DIS at $33.06 then it went against me and I sized out part of my shares. After waited for some time, DIS slowly climbed up. I sized in some shares and put a tight stop when it broke through Natural Resistance at $33.25 and I got out at $33.28 which was almost the high of the day.

*Please be informed that all the charts above are extracted from http://finance.yahoo.com/charts

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