Sunday, January 6, 2008

My trades on 2, 3, 4 January 2008

I have been doing good on 2,3 January but did not do well on 4 January. The followings are some of my trades.

Trades on 2 January:
Earning Trades: EAT, LSI, LTD, MU, STX
Losing Trades: BIG, F, GM

Trades on 3 January:
Earning Trades: AEO, BWS, LIZ, LTD, MAT, PSS
Losing Trades: NSM

Trades on 4 January:
Earning Trades: CC, CHS, MU,
Losing Trades: DAL, EAT, JCI, MAT, NCC, STM

All above trades were in Short position. I just realized that I have been in any Long position for some time. It might due to the last couple of days the sectors that I have been watching closely (eg: Retail, Technology, Airlines) were heading South. Sometime I feel that it is easier to made money through Short position.

The main reason I was killed on 4 January was I shorted stocks which already made their move. I still need to improve at learning to watch if a stock has already made its major. No chartings for the above trades. I will need to reorganize the ways I do with my Online Trading Journey in this blog so that it is easier for me to refer back my good and bad trades. I would like to make it easier for other people to see my trades and learn something from them.

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